swelling in THR after 11 weeks

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Hi I had a total hip replacement 11 weeks ago is it normal to still have swelling in operated leg and for the leg to still be sore to touch the pre op pain in my hip has gone thanks Ann x


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    Hi Annedw

    It can take some time for the swelling to go right down. I'm glad the pre op pain has gone but does that mean you have been over doing it due to being in less pain? It could be your leg needs a bit longer to heal, as don't forget all the tissue around the whole joint has been disturbed/invaded so there may be some internal bruising and it could just be the scar tissue haling at the moment. What I would say is make sure you don't over do things now that the pain is less than before, but if it feels strange and you are worried see you GP and get them to have a look at it just incase.

    Best wishes