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Hello team I hope all is well this snowy weather
I have just recieved conformation that I have been accepted fot Ill Health Retirement Tier 1 :D
so all the stress & strains of the last 4 years has all gone :D
There is one thing I do not understand is from the ESA assessment
Who informed me I was fit for work and to contact my employer :!:
This arrived the day after my Ill health came through :x
I must say ESA also use Atos the same used for my pension
Yes on a daily basis I can do normal activities of daily living but some days I cant get out of bed but I certaintly can not perform my work tasks as im a Staff nurse on a busy ward for which I have to be on my feet all day. In the ESA assessment I was asked nothing about my daily workload & when I offered information to help with my assessment he stated that he did not need to know that :x
I have gathered all my information to support my claim from Consultants, Family Doctor, Occupational health Doctor And copy from Atos regarding my pension
So lets see what they make of it!
I would like to say this site has helped me greatly over the last 4 years
Thank You


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    Dear Maria,

    Thank you for letting us know how things have turned out. It still sounds as though you are dealing with some lose ends, or have I got that wrong? Maybe with this kind of paperwork things are perpetually unfinished? And as ever you may want to pick the brains of the Welfare Rights folk out there.

    all the best from Helplines towers.

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    Hi Guy
    Thank you for your reply
    Yes I do have a few loose ends to sort out
    But the main thing is that I have my tier 1 Ill health retirement pension
    So anything else seems unimportant
    I am so glad that everyone on this site is so helpful & caring with lots of encouragement I dont think I could have done all this without you all.
    Best Wishes
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    Congratulations Maria , lovely to see some good news x
  • maria09
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    Thank you
    Keep strong