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Second time refusal yet symtoms are worse and now seeing 2 specialists..What can I do I am housebound and can hardly walk, use a mobility scooter when I go out and cant go out alone due to diziness and threat of seizure.

Please advise


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    Thanks for getting in touch. I'm afraid none of us here are benefits experts so we can't offer the kind of help you really need. You're entitled to appeal this decision, but you'll give yourself a much better chance of success if you talk to a disability rights worker first. A good place to start would be to contact DIAL (Disability Information and Advice Line). You can find your most local DIAL by following this link:
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    I have spoken to CAB who are willing to take this to appeal but I know its all delay regardless so I read through DLA decision and my details on application form and all the points have been noted for decision maker to look at this again , so will try that route and if that fails then its appeal with CAB.