Tribunal today

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I was Tribunalled today, three person panel, 1 Judge? 1 doctor and one carer.

Also attended by 1 DWP and 1 Fraud officer.

I was followed for three months last year and they took video film, approx 7 minutes and all in their favour.

I asked about the film, it looked as if bits had been cut out and the judge asked the fraud officer if there was any more film. He said that was all the film submitted to the DCS for consideration. The judge than said answer the question, is there any more film? The officer repeated his answer. The Judge asked again and got the answer "NO there is no more film" The Judge asked him why he did not say that in the first place.

Good to see these people put on the spot and embarrassed.

I read out one of the surveillance notes - "walked from the front door and into the passenger side of his mobility vehicle and drove off".

How do I drive when in the passenger side of the car? He answered to the effect that it was a mistake and apologised. The Judge pointed out that I was suggesting if there is one error how many more errors in his records are there?

My tribunal lasted about three hours and I thought the panel were all very fair. Some tough questions to answer but that's what I expected anyway.

My case has been very complex and I did not get the answer today.

I will let you know when I do.


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    That must have been horrendous for you it is not nice being accused of anything. I hope they find in your favour. I bet you were pleased to get home.
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    Oh dear
    Why are they so quick to prove you are fit and well?
    Ive just had ESA tell me im fit for work & to contact my employer
    That letter arrived 2 days after my acceptance for tier 1 Ill health
    Cant see the sense in their rationale so going to appeal although I not holding my breath
    I get so annoyed as they are classing us the same as the benefit cheats :x
    I hope you win your tribunal
    Theres enough stress around without them adding to it
    Keep strong
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    Hi blueknees and welcome form me...if you are new that is.. :)
    I am so glad the judge has shown then for what they are, we have had many on here that have gone through he same...I do wish you good luck with it..and please let us know how you get on.
  • blueknees
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    Letter came today and I have an overpayment as well :x

    Funny how I'm celebrating with a chinese take away, can't be bothered cooking tonight.

    Never mind there's always someone worse off :)
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    Hi Blueknees

    I am so sorry :(

    You gave it your best and that's all anyone can do.

    The takeaway is the BEST method of cheering yourself up for sure :D

    Pass me a prawn cracker :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Hi Blueknees, I'm sorry you had to go in front of a tribunal and made to feel like a criminal. You did a good job correcting the fraud officer and making him squirm! If mistakes where made on your surveillence what about others I wonder? It sounded like they where taking into consideration the mistakes the fraud officer had made so I was shocked they failed you! I'm sorry for that. Can't you appeal? Your after my own heart chinese takeaway when your fed up or down! Good comfort food only thing missing a good bottle of red wine to wash it down with!!
  • blueknees
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    Bubbadog I had the bottle of wine but was too full of chinese food to drink it. :D
  • maria09
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    Oh no how awful for you
    I just dont know what to say to help you
    How can they put you through all that stress for nothing
    Is there anyone you can contact?
    I am waiting to hear about my appeal I should have been paid since Oct but not seen any Now this jumped up nurse tells me I fit to work & contact my employer!! Strange 2 days before I got Ill health retirement Tier 1 From my NHS pensions! who by the way also use ATOS!
    What chance have we of wining our cases
    But the benefit cheats do!!!
    Try & keep your spirits up
    Dont let the ******* get you down!
  • villier
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    Hi Blueknees, sorry to hear you lost your tribunal, I will be in the same boat soon, it makes me so angry that they target the genuine people and the ones that have screwed the system for years get away with it, not going to rant as I wont stop, good luck to you hope it works out x
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    Hi Blueknees
    Is there any further news?
    Just remember we are all here for you
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    So sorry to hear this. This system is just awful. think the only way to get any help at all soon will to be completely paralysed !!!!!!
    Its so unfair that we are all made to feel like benefit cheats. I for one would much rather have my oldself pre illness back !!!!