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Plz someone help me i recently got dianoised i aint got a clue which type i have i have loads of different symptons including severe pain whenever i take the weight from my knees eg when sittin or lying down i find it difficult to get upstairs and in and out ov the bath ive seen a consultant and been to a pain clinic but neither have been any help ive been told i cant have the injection into my joint as this will cause more problems for me i also have varicoise veins due to the pressure from my kneesmy knee also makes a grindin sound has anyone any ideas thanks


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    Dear Kellie1981,

    Welcome to Chat to Helplines. Sorry to hear about this painful arthritis and that things have not helped yet. If you feel like having a chat about what's happening you are welcome to give us a ring. It can be a help sometimes to go through what you've done so far and work out what might be next.

    But keeping moving, trying to find the right balance of painkillers and daily activity, and eating sensibly to keep weight down are all key points. If you are getting frustrated with how hard it's been, then that's a good time to have a chat.

    I hope we can help further.

    all the best


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