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When to ozzy Thursday had my ankle fused 12 of nov he said it is healing well still have to wear my air cast boot but can now put 50 per cent weight on it and work up to 100 percent than when I go back in 4 weeks time the boot will come off and I will learn to walk again I am so happy all been well I will be getting ankle replacement done sep so I would just like to say keep smiling and most times things will work out all the best smig :D:D:D


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    That's great news, smig, and thanks for sharing it with it. The fusion sounds to have gone really well and you must have had a lot of patience with that air boot. It's clearly paying off. I can only say I hope the replacement goes every bit as well in September. Please let us know as we have far fewer ankle replacements on here than THRs and TKRs so it's good to learn how things go. I wish you all the best.
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    Smig I am so pleased for you, and I really do wish you well with the op, please come into LWA and let us know how you get on .