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hi everyone well i have O&A in my spine and a slip disc in my L5 tail end of spine and haveing asking for support from my work
by going to see one of there occapetional health center and they said because i have not been off alot they could not i got the union in to help and i got a mat to go next to my till and a chair but i have to ask for the chair as it cant be kept on the shop floor.any way i have been performing in my job and when am in pain my friends are seeing it and i talk about it most of the time something i should not do but i do i get quite agush about it as i worrie how bad things are going to get i have also got endometreosis and has cause multiecalcefacation and a multicystic lession on my pelvis and displaceing my bowel with causes an overflow in my bowel so i need a toilet at hand so because i get this pain i will not triffic stop around the store and i think there pee off about it but i stand for 6 hours a day and my spaine causes satrica down my legs and cant bend or left anything heavey,so to :cry: get to the point they deceded to send me to see their occapetinal health whitch am glad of after they said i could not see them .so now am getting myself stress about it and i am trying to lose weight as am going in for an opperation just dont know what next. :cry:


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    You do sound stressed on several fronts, christinac47. I know work is a big part of it but your health problems themselves are clearly a big worry. Why not give our Helplines a ring? The number's at the top of the page. I think you might find it easier to talk over the whole thing with someone.
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