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I'm 21 years of age, and have been struggling with RA for about two years now, it caused me to lose my job in 2011 (which i regained with diagnosis)
i was diagnosed last spring, by a doctor that i chose to see as my usual GP seemed to not beleive me, or want to help, he ordered all of these tests, then didnt even contact me with results, the second doctor studied these results, and determined RA. but this doctor has now retired, and i am still struggling to get treatment, not to mention that where i live, we pay for all healthcare, and 10 minutes with a doctor costs me £40, which i can barely afford as i am always off of work due to pain (its one viscious cycle).

I am finding it very hard to go on at the moment, im sick of the stares, and of people saying 'why are you walking like you have s**t yourself' etc, its not nice to have to ask your boyfriend to dress you, or help you in and out of the bath, i just wish i felt like people beleived me! the eveidence is all there i blood test results, and ultrasound scans and xrays! the next time that i can afford to go to the doctor i am going to try and demand better treatment, as ibuprofen and co codamol are damn placebos in comparison to this pain, and thats all i have ever been offered by this awful doctor!!!!

I just wanted to know if anybody has encountered these problems with their GP, and what they have done about it! im getting such bad pain that it scares me, i feel like i really need help, not just to stop the pain, but to try and slow the progression of the disease, if it continues as it is i feel i will be unable to walk sooner rather than later, and as a carer for the physically disabled, this is not an ideal situation!

thanks for taking time to read, even just typing this has made me feel a little bit better in myself!


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    Hello mashupmil. It’s good to meet you but I’m sorry to learn you’re having such a tough time of things.

    As you have to pay to see the doctor, I presume you are not living in the UK and so I don’t know how medical things work where you are. Here, I don’t think a GP can officially diagnose RA. They can do tests and, if they suspect RA, they refer the patient to a rheumatologist. Only a rheumatologist can prescribe the disease modifying meds that RA requires.

    That would appear to be the same where you are as you say that the ibuprofen and co-codamol which were given to you don’t work. That’s because they won’t work on RA. They will only dull the pain. You need a different class of meds altogether, ones that the GP can't prescribe and the rheumatologist can. Then, if necessary, you could top them up with the cocos and ibuprophen.

    I think you need to see a rheumatologist asap. Without the right medication your RA will continue to get worse quickly. I do hope you can manage to do that.
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    thanks for such a swift reply! i live in guernsey in the channel islands, where we no longer have an on island rhuematologist, he was the doctor that i chose to see last year, who then retired. now, to see a rhuematologist, i must be put on a waiting list, to see one from england who comes here, i think its, once every 3 or 4 months, and you can not see him on request, only by referral from your gp.
    but this does make me feel much better, to know that perhaps the gp has done all that he can do, as opposed to not caring, like i thought! maybe i need to let him know that i want to see the rhuematologist! i will try and do this over the phone, but they always manage to get you in so that they can charge you!, the health care sytem here is very corrupt and buisness minded!

    i have been reading through all the other posts on here, and i do feel less alone, no matter what your ailment, it always feels better to know that others are going throught the same thing as you!

    again, thanks for the swift reply!
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    There are some very kind, helpful people on here and, you are right, it does help us to feel less alone. I don't know where I'd be without my forum friends.

    I hadn't realised that Guernsey was so different to the rest of the UK in its health care. I do know that we have at least one lady who lives on one of the scottish islands and she 'sees' her rheumatologist via skype. I don't know if this happens in her own home or at a clinic. The 'appointments' are arranged like any others.

    Here, too, rheumatologists can only be seen by referral from a GP. I wonder if it might be useful to you to have a chat with out Helpline people. Their freephone number is at the top of the page. (Or, you could email them or ask on their forum.) They might be able to advise you on how best to access the rheumatologist from Guernsey. I do hope you can see one soon.

    I should point out that I'm not a young person although this is the young people's forum. Our young people tend not to hang around too long. The get better and run off to live their lives as well they might :D If you've any questions that aren't specific to young people, you'll always get more answers on the Living With Arthritis forum.

    I hope things start to improve for you.