Juvenile Arthritis affects eyes

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I think you'll find that, although JIA can affect the eyes, it rarely does. The vast majority of children with JIA do not have uveitis which, I think, is the problem you are referring to. If you put 'JIA' into the search engine, you'll find several AC booklets on JIA.


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    Uveitis or iritis are eye conditions common amongst arthritis sufferers. Both are treated by opthamologists.
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    May I just point out that I did not initiate this thread. I answered it because I thought the title was unduly and unnecessarily alarming to any parents of children with JIA. I see the original post has now been removed.
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    I thought this was a strange thread and wondered if the original message had gone.

    My daughter has JIA, diagnosed 13/14 (now20), when first diagnosed have to say the hospital were very very thorough in ruling out and monitoring for any inflammation other than in the eight joints originally affected, which are now well under control.

    As a child she was well looked after, initially ophthalmology was one of the departments we attended every six months as a preventative measure. My daughter has not developed any eye conditions. She was signed off from this clinic.

    My advice would be feel comforted and protected if the consultant suggests referral to another department, get everything sorted/ruled out at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Make the most of hospital visits, precious one to one time with your child. Our wonderful bionic and amazing children....there are only 15,000 of them, young people included. :D:)

    Treasure the moments
    Cherish the child
    Keep a smile on your face
    Arthritis takes last place