Knee replacement failure?

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Hi, how would I know if a partial knee replacement has failed? Mine is 4 yrs old in May this year and all of a sudden my pain levels in that knee have escalated wildly. My left - unoperated - knee is also giving me a high level of pain (my left ankle is knackered due to OA); I have OA in my left knee. I'm due to see a phsio for my L4\L5 back issues (OA) on Wednesday through the NHS - do you think he'd sign an x-ray form for my knees or is it a case of trying to get to the GP?
If you have any ideas I'd be very grateful. Have also posted on LWA in case any other forum members have experienced this.
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    Hi GraceB
    Thanks for your posting. I’m sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing in your knees. You may need to get your GP to refer you back to the original surgeon, to see what is going on. You could ask your physio if he could sign an x-ray form for your knees, but he would probably refer you back to your GP. You could also ask your physio about your other knee, though it may need a separate referral, as physio’s usually only work on one part of your body at a time.
    I hope you manage to get this sorted out and that you’re clearer of what’s happening in both your knees.
    You are welcome to ring us if you would like to have a chat about this anytime.
    All the best
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