Who am I trying to kid

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Have got some tests to get done in the morning, one of them being a shirmer test which involves putting strips of paper into the bottom of your eyes to see how much tears you produce in a certain time, fine says I as I have had one done before and is not too invasive, then Rheumy announces, remember not to wear make-up :shock: does she not realise I don't not do no make-up, anyway how do I get around this one, the foundation I can just about swallow as the Rosacea is in remmision at the mo, but the Mascara oh lordy, I have very fine eyelashes and no mascara means wee piggy eyes :idea: the plan is hatched I will go and get my eyelashes tinted, phoned the salon yes they could fit me in today thank you very much and do you want the same time tomorrow if the allergy test is ok ..........oooooft :( who am I trying to kid if I was a big six foot gorgeous leggy blonde I would see the point, but I am a five foot one and a bit brunnete and fifty eight.................The morale to this story is don't try and kid yourself on :oops: :lol:


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    Marie there is nothing wrong with standards... :D it remind me when I went to the dentist with lipstick on and really got told off....you be careful with the lash tinting..make sure they do the allergy test properly... and I am sure you are lovely inside and out...x
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    I dont wear make-up any more. Used to so know how you are feeling. It's a part of you isn't it. And as Barbara has said there is nothing wrong with standards. And of course good luck for tomorrow.
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    Oh Marie, I should think you've had more than your fair share of tests lately, with or without makeup!
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow,
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    Those preparations sound fair to me, I hate being without make up too :D

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    Hey Marie, you have the personality so you don't need the make-up :)
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    Know how you feel I am or was ginger so lashes are pale never go without mascara.Mig
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    Yup,I'm with Mig on the eyelashes courtesy of red hair and pale lashes. Who are you kidding? Nobody, it doesn't hurt to do the little things that make you feel better but I bet you are gorgeous without any adornments...beauty comes from within, don't forget that!
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    Sunglasses, I wear them most of the time anyway due to not being able to stand bright daylight, so there you go, sorted....

    Wendy xx
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    Standards here too! :D

    How about some of the fine face spray tan for a couple of days before, along with the tinted lashes a bit of blusher and lippy (cos surely they aren't too close to the test area..but check it out) you will look fine I'm sure ...don't forget a splash of you fave perfume too.... good luck to you hope it goes well!
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    How did it go, Marie? And, did you pass the glamour test :wink:
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    Thanks ladies for your all your kind words and suggestions all taken on board.

    Yes Sticky, tests went ok although the Shirmer one was a bit tricky as the Sister that was doing the test had a bit of a hard time to get the strips into my eyes through my beloved paper harrods bag (I was keeping for ever) that I had cut slits into and added a lovely pair of lushess false eye lashes and ruby red lipstick (on drawn lips) just for impact, at least I complied with the rules. :D

    P.S I did get some funny looks when I was driving on the motorway to the hospital :lol: xx