Intriguing research into family history

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Apologies for not posting anything recently, but I've been a bit side tracked.

Our son will be 30 in April and I decided to put together a social history folder for him. Well, it has snowballed. Last week when I couldn't get out because of the snow I decided to make a start. The logical place to begin was with my grandparents but what I knew about my maternal grandparents only amounted to about six lines. Not a good start and thought I had better do some research on one of the ancestry sites. My mum and my grandmother never spoke about their family and what I have found out has been amazing. My mum had umpteen aunts, uncles and cousins which I nor my sister and brother had ever heard of. Can't think why it was so secret. Have since made contact by phone and internet with two relatives and we are swapping details. Totally fascinating. At the age of 60 I've now got an addiction. Not drink, pills or nicotine, but ancestry research.

Janet xx


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    I know it is fascinating. My mum-in-law did theirs. She got way way back. On my hubbies side, they were actually something to do with the black pearl. Very interesting. But I tryed and to be honest couldn't get anywhere. Maybe I should try again.
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    Enjoy it, Janet. Mr SW found one heartbreaking story among his and we've been visited by a Kiwi relly we didn't know we had. If Wigan comes into it at all they have a brilliant archive centre.
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    Janet that is so lovely,we never know what we are going to come across when looking for ancestors.
    I always say its the most fun I have had out of my comp, and after 3 years of doing it I am still finding out more....
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    I have been researching my ancesters for about 6 years it's amazing and addictive, I have learned a lot, not only about my ancesters and some of their ailments through death certs, leg deformaty,( one leg shorter than the other ) is in our lot, it can still pop up in our families even now , but also social history, how we all survived is amazing, like all addictions it can cost a small fortune, "wonder how they coped with the arthritis then" :?: