A little message of hope

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Evening all!

I'm aware it's been a while since I poked my head around the door. Who knew a degree that included a work placement would be so time consuming?! :lol: With 21,000 words due in May, I imagine life will remain busy for the next few months.

Anyway, I wanted to post a little message of hope to those who have tried lots of different medications and still haven't found any relief.

I've been on the combination of leflunomide, methotrexate and celebrex for 4 months. I'm off prednisolone but more importantly, I managed my first day in over 3 years without any codeine. :D:D:D:D This is a big deal for me! I'm still taking paracetamol regularly but it's wonderful not needing such strong pain relief. I'm under no illusions and I'm sure there will be days I need stronger drugs but this was quite a momentous occasion for me.

My joints move better and are less swollen. My pesky Sjogren's Syndrome is still bothering me but hopefully it will settle down. It's not a 'miracle cure' combination but it's huge progress. I didn't think I would get to this point. After 3 years, I assumed I would always be in a terrible state with my RA. Don't get me wrong, I still get pain and the other symptoms but it's far more manageable. I can cope with life like this, whereas before, I felt far too ill to function. I've learnt that stabilising inflammatory arthritis is a long and lengthy process and it's taken me a long time but finally feel "yes, I can cope with low level symptoms and the occasional flare".

Happy Tuesday!


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    Well done Sophie :D:D That's great news. You've had so much to cope with and yet you've managed to get off the pred and, more or less, off the codeine. And you're being sensible and realistic about things, too.

    I hope you write the right 21,000 words :wink: I also hope your Mum's going on OK.
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    What a magical post! Well done on getting to there, I hope that control continues and you sail to 21000 words (once you get started you will find you end up with too many, not too few). Good luck with the rest of the course and I hope your Mum is doing well. Thanks for your message, it's a wonderful message to hear. LV xx
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    Wey-hey! That is so good to read and I am very pleased for you, finding the magic combination is not easy but it seems you've done it. :D DD
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    That is good news! I bet you are really busy with your course! Keep up all the good work!
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    Brilliant news-thanks for sharing with us! :D Hope the course continues to go well, good luck with the assignment.

    Deb x
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    Great news Sophie, I am glad you have now found the "managable zone", hope your mum is doing well, keeping fingers crossed your course work goes well.......................tc....................Marie xx
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