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Hi all

I am not sure if I am in the right place.
I'm Mimm. I am 33 and live in Spain. 10 years ago I dislocated my left knee and ever since I swear I can tell the weather by it. Needless to say winter is so painful. I don't know if I have arthritis but I hope to find lots of people to relate to so I can make my own diagnosis.



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    Hello Mimm. It's nice to meet you. I know we have at least one other forum member who lives in Spain though he's not been around for a while.

    Dislocation doesn't sound good. You'll find us very friendly on here and among us, we have a fair bit of knowledge of different kinds of arthritis.

    However, DIY diagnosis is not a good idea. I suggest you see the doc for that.
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    Hello Mimm
    And a warm welcome from me....wish it was warm but there you go, you will get lots of answers on this forum has well as support.
    I do hope you see that doctors very soon and find out whats going on,and I hope to see you posting more very soon x
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    Hello Mimm, nice to 'meet' you, a dislocated knee, that made my toes curl when I read it.
    wouldn't it be beneficial to have to have a proper diagnoses that way you'll know just how and what you're dealing with.

    Take care,
    Numps x