Dislocation and Arthritis

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I dislocated my knee in 2003 from a sports injury. At the time I never went to the docs, I put ice on it, took ibuprofen and gave myself time to heal. It was possibly the most painful thing (child birth being no1) that's ever happened to me.

In 2008 I ran Reading half marathon and 2009 the Bupa London 10,000 and I had seen the doctor prior and he said my knee was very lax due to the dislocation but that it was safe to run on - and it was fine. But in the last couple of years the joint has started to ache and groan on the slightest weather change. Sometimes driving is very sore also.

I was unaware of arthritis, or the possibility of it in myself until I did a charity even here in Spain for stroke support and ended up having a good old natter with a lady who was diangosed with arthritis. She mentioned it to me as I told her of my knee and thought it would be worth getting it checked. I think that I wanted to find out more info so I found this website and hopefully I can relate to people.

I am also terrible at going to the docs, but if needs must...

I would like to know if anyone has had any sports related injuries that have ended up like this.


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    I'm glad you made it over here, Mimm. Probably a bit quiet tonight but people will be around tomorrow.

    Given the extra info, arthritis is a possibility as I know we have a few people who have had OA set in at the site of a former break or accident.

    Arthritis Care do some booklets which might be of interest to you. (Publications and Resources, at the top of the page.) You still can't beat a proper, medical diagnosis though :)
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    Dislocated knees, they hurt lots don't they! I dislocated both knees regularly as a teenager but ironically, those two knees are possibly the least affected arthritic joints in my body. They tended to go pretty spontaneously rather than being sports injuries though although I did once do one dancing and another went as I slipped climbing over a fence as a chap decided to proposition me...that put a dampened on his ardor although it took a while for him to not think it was just a very elaborate let down and actually offer help :lol:
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    Hi Mimm

    Welcome to the forum. Quite a number of posters on here have said that they have been diagnosed with osteo arthritis some time later, after injury to a joint.

    Only a gp will be able to advise the way forward after a chat with you and xrays taken. Physio can help and gps can refer you. If that does not work then a referral by a gp to a consultant would perhaps be advisable. GPs prescribe meds that help with the pain and inflammation.

    It is good to continue exercising but obviously not to the degree of training that you must have been doing previously.

    You may be interested in having a look at these links:



    Do let us kmow how you go on.

    Elna x
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    Thanks for the replies!
    I will try docs. They seem to be quite efficient here in Spain. My gp back in Kent was not very helpful.

    I actually dislocated my knee whilst dancing. I did the splits and it popped out. I always say sports as its embarrassing!!

    Anyway today its aching like hell. I feel like i can predict the weather by it. Does that sound weird?
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    It doesn't sound at all weird, Mimm. I think quite a few of us have experienced that.