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Hi all,
Just wanted your opinions on the following;
Have been off work for the past fortnight with what the doctor put on the sick-note as 'Stress related disorder and Fibromyalgia' Today I received a letter from the head office of the company, which is based in London, so we don't have any HR. Occupational Health or such like, actually on the local site.
The wording was as follows 'I acknowledge the receipt of your medical certificate, for the period of 2 weeks, ending on 4th February 2013', all fine so far but even though I have Fibro, this is the first time that I have been off for the past 12 months! It continues;
'Given your recent episodes of fainting at work, coupled with your forgetfulness and tearfulness on occasion, as well as your ongoing illness and latest (Only) my brackets, medical certificate for stress, we are naturally very concerned about your health and welfare and the affect this may have on your abilities at work'
They want to contact my GP for her opinion. The problem is that, I am due to have an operation on my cervical spine on 9th March, for which I am going to need at least 10 weeks off work. As this is not directly related to the FM (or stress, although I suppose I am a bit anxious about it) will this impact on their decisions. I get the impression that they are trying to build a case for the fact that I am not able to do my job satisfactorily. It's obvious that my immediate boss has phoned them, complaining about my forgetfulness and tearfulness. I won't go into the details about him now, but have had a few battles about downgrading me (and now he's got his opportunity)
Was hoping to get back to work for the month before the op but since getting the letter, I know they are all talking about me behind my back and feel again that I can't face it. Also have just heard that my Mum has been rushed into hospital with cheast pains, so am anxious about her too now.
What do people think about the letter? Am I reading too much into it or what?
Would value your opinions.
Thank you :(


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    Sorry to hear your situation....

    I too panicked when OH were consulted regarding my abilities..

    Your Company & OH - "cannot" speak to or get a written letter from your GP without YOUR prior CONSENT & I believe you also have the right to see any letter your GP may write about you before it is sent off... (having said that - see your contract, they may have a section in it regarding fitness for work and them asking for a medical opinion....??)

    I would firstly have a quick telephone chat with your GP to express your wishes that ANY correspondence between the GP and your employer & HR is shown to you first - get them to flag that in your notes...

    Secondly don't panic too much - I don't know what your job entails but any employer would be concerned about any employee who keeps fainting and employers these days are covering their own backs as much as yours when it comes to safety and work "situations"

    If you need any further advice maybe speak to one of the HELPDESK people on this website - they are fab and maybe able to assist you further.

    Good Luck - let us know how you get on.....
    hugs freesia xxx
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    Thanks for the reply Freesia,
    Just a quick update. My op has been brought forward to 22nd February, so no problem really about whether to have time in between off. Have to have another MRI, consent appointment, pre-op appointments etc that won't have the time to fit in going back!
    Will keep you updated about how things go though. :?