Hello - just waiting for confirmation of psoriatic arthritis

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I am new here and am just waiting for my appointment next week to confirm psoriatic arthritis. I have been luck (which is what lots of people have told me) to have early diagnosis and an appointment very quickly.

Struggling to deal with the pain and then dealing with life.

I have a lovely 16 year old son but I don't want him to have to care for me. Does anyone know of any support groups for teenagers dealing with a parent who has this? :)


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    Hello Caroline
    And a warm welcome from me...
    There are groups available you have to find out if there are any near you, if you look at the top of the forum there are different options,click on the in your area one, and it will give you info of groups available to you.
    I understand how you are feeling at the min, although I have my Hubby,but I do not like to put everything on his shoulders.
    We have had a few people on here that have children helping out, and in a way it makes them to be better people, so try not to worry.
    And please dont forget we are always here to talk to,and believe me this is a great help in its self, because we understand some of what you are going through x
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I hope we can help with information and support. I have PsA although I am not that troubled by the skin aspect of it. Which joints are affected and what are you taking for pain relief? No-one can predict how things will progress but I am sure that the earlier one can begin the meds the better the possible outcome may be: OK, it won't go away but if it can be controlled then that is good thing. I wish you well, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the meds etc and please let us know how you get on. DD
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    Hi Caroline,

    Yes, it’s a strange kind of luck :roll: but it is good to get an early diagnosis as the sooner you start treatment the sooner the disease is held back so less damage done. Mine is RA but the meds are more or less the same.

    The pain is certainly a problem. Once you are established on meds it should get easier but most of us have to top up the disease modifying meds with pain relief.

    Life? Well, we adapt. Some of the ways that we adapt are detailed in the thread near the top of the page ‘Simple Ideas….’. Some of the adaption process involves the emotions and mental processes though and they can be harder.

    Of course you don’t want your son to have to care for you. I was always glad I’d had boys, not girls as I think girls feel more obliged to stay near a disabled/sick/elderly parent whereas boys are freer spirits. (One of mine is now about 200 miles away and the other 5,000 :lol: .) Having said that, sharing the household tasks does them no harm at all and teaches them independence.

    Have you had any adaptions to your home to make life easier for you? An Occupational Therapist could help you there. (You can self-refer.) Sometimes it’s just a matter of replacing eg a heavy kettle with a lighter one or r-arranging the kitchen so that the things you need regularly are at a more accessible level.

    Please let us know how your appointment goes.
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