Should I use sulfasalazine and predinisolone?

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I have been dignosed RA for nearly three month. I started MTX and Hydroxychloroquine for nearly 2 and a half months. My ESR is still rising up to 70. The doctor today day suggested that i should use sulfasalazine as a triple drug treatment. On top of that my doctor also suggested that i should use prednisolone tablets. My concern is although my ESR and CRP are high, my joints do not hurt soo much because i take arcoxia tablets (60mg) each night, they are basically swollen (ankles, hands). I am scared to use steriods as there are soo many side effects. But my doctor said that using steriods avoids disabilty in the future. I am 51 and I still want to go back to work as a teacher. Can anybody tell me if my medication is in the right direction?

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    Hello, I can't tell you that because I am not a doctor but I've been on sulph, meth, an anti-TNF and steroids and never thought twice about it. After a good talking to from one of my rheumatology nurses I weaned myself off the steroids in 2011 (it took nearly the whole year because I'd been on them for three years). It strikes me that you are still in the very early days of treatment and this may be not be the right choice but, as I said, I am not a doctor. Who has suggested the steroids? Your GP or your rheumatologist? DD
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    I've had to be on steroids for over three years. I don't like it but the dose is low and I can't function without them and they do protect your joints. There is no reason why you would have to be on them for this length of time though, lots of people have short term courses.
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    hi , with RA you want to stop the joint damage , high CRP & ESR tends to say your RA is not under control & need extra drugs

    been on MTX & Sulfa for 15 years + on steriod with no problems , you need to be fast tracked onto a anti-tnf but even then will still take the other drugs if you can
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    Many of us on here have a love/hate relationship with steroids but there is some evidence that an early, short course of them has lasting benefits.
    As for the sulph - triple therapy is fairly common on here. Like DD, I'm wondering who suggested the steroids as GPs can prescribe them but, except in an emergency, I think it's better if the rheumatologist deals with all except pain relief.
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