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Just needed a rant..One thing i have learnt is don't let it take over and rule your life if you want to do something go ahead and do it you only live once, but make sure you know your limits. I have had JIA for three years now and am training to be a teaching assistant, when i went for my college interview they had to be told about my arthritis and before even asking me how badly affected etc i was the cheek of the woman told me it wasnt a suitable course because of lifting kneeling etc. This annoyed me greatly she had no right to tell me that so i had to prove her wrong, and i have in six months i will be a qualified teaching assistant for early years. It hasn't been easy some days are tough but i learn e.g. Avoid picking up the heaviest child in class haha finding someone to talk to helped its hard to know who to trust but by briefly mentioning arthritis to each person i always managed to find that one person who would ask are you okay i can help, without making a big deal.I guess what im trying to get across is just because you have arthritis doesnt mean you have to put all your plans on hold :)


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    Hi xxMegan12xx

    Sorry I am not a young person, but the mum of a twenty year old defeating JIA :D ....and I just had to say...

    Good for you, and very inspiring to hear what you are doing, keep up the good work and good luck with the rest of your course.

    I think you got your message across, you are obviously a very determined young lady, and know what you want to do, and this is your driving force, way to go you!

    An inspiring voice for young people looking in on the forum :D

    Good luck also getting your meds sorted out (don't underestimate the benefit, it has been really positive for my daughter....sorry mum bit over, that's not what you want to hear)

    I can chat on about being a TA also as I have been one for over 11 years now!! But I don't think you need any advice on that you will bring a lot to the role, you show them!!

    Take care.

    Respect and empowerment to all young people living with Arthritis, you can teach us mums a thing or two.