does going on esa make employees more attractive to employer

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Morning all.

I have been told by my local job centre that if I can not do "every job advertised" then I need to get a sick note from my GP and apply for esa.
I am very worried as I don't know if that would put an employer off wanting me or if the employers get "incentives" to take on less able.
The jobsworth who was extremely rude at the job centre would not discuss anything other then insisting I get a GP appointment and a sick note then go back to her and sign on for esa.
I am worried about going onto esa in case employers run a mile and I never get a job, on the other hand it may be a benefit and I may get real help and advice?
Anyone any experience, every site I have been on so far has not been helpful, being in Northern Ireland means there are a lot of sites that do not help.
CAB says they can give advice after I get a sick note but if the sick note and esa stops me getting a job I do not want a sick note and will not ask for one.
There is a much longer story on the "working matters" forum which I will cut and post here just to explain a bit more.

copied from the Working Matters"

I am a "casual, zero hours employee" signing on for jsa for times I do not work.
The way it works is I am registered for jsa (job seekers allowance) and when I get a few days work I sign a statement of the hours and the pay, if it is over a certain amount the extra is deducted from jsa.

So I went into the benefits office to sign on as usual and did a "Steps to Work" interview.

During the interview I was asked what type of jobs I could do, I said the type of jobs I had been applying for and that I was trying to get more hours in the job I am in now but not a full time action job such as stacking shelves in a supermarket


The interviewer got very official and insisted if I could not do "every" job advertised I had to get a sick note from my GP and apply for esa!

I said there are plenty of jobs I can do including the one I am in but she wasn't having it, she insisted I get a GP appointment and sick note for esa!

So now I have a GPs appointment in 2 weeks time to ask for a sick note to go onto esa.

Is this a formality to assess what jobs I can do and help with problems which make some jobs difficult, such as when tying my fingers hurt so I would get advice on any aids?

Work does not know I have health issues, I want more work. if they find out I am having problems they are just going to not phone me when a worker is needed. Zero hours employees have no protection or workers rights.

So annoyed with interviewer she could have just let me keep on as I am applying for jobs I can do and staying where I am.

She says they will be no break in my money, that I will get esa right away as long as I have a sick note.

Worried, of course this has to happen 6 weeks before a large loan is due to be repaid before the interest free limit ends.

Anyone any experience of esa assessments, do they offer advice and practical help for those who need lighter jobs?

I have telephoned CAB but they say they can offer no advice until I get a sick note.