Happy birthday prefabkid

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I'm sorry, I've only just noticed it's your birthday. I hope it's going well. I've missed seeing you around but I guess that's good news for you :D If you're celebrating I'll have a nice dry white, please :wink:


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    Happy birthday prefab,is there cake ? Mig
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    Well-spotted Sticky, having not heard from him for ages I too sincerely hope that all is well with him and Mrs Prefab.

    Happy birthday mate, mine's a pint. :wink: DD
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    Happy birthday

    Hope you're having a good day.

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    I hope he sees it!

    Happy Birthday Ron



    Toni xx
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    Ron I hope that ankle is behaving...wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY..I hope you have had a lovely day x
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    Happy Birthday hope you are having a lovely day..........Marie xx
  • prefabkid47
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    Hi all
    It seems like old times being here on the forum.......... :P

    So many thanks to all for your best wishes.Been to the pub for lunch but where else,old habits die hard :!:
    The drinks are on the bar along with the chocolate cake,it's a pint as usual for DD (unless you've gone tee total.......... :roll: ) and a white wine for sticky.Off to a beer festival Saturday............. :D:D

    It will be 2 years in June since I had the new ankle and touching wood all is ok!Will be seeing the consultant for a 2 year check up then will probably be discharged.

    Will try and get back here more often,you folks have been so supportive in the past,it does give you a buzz helping others.

    Will be in your neck of the woods in September Dreamdaisy,will keep eyes open for you...........


    Ron (aka prefabkid47)
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    I hope you've had a good one.
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    So Sorry it's late! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PREFABKID!!!.... HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY!!! :):D:):D
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    Happy Birthday
    Ron i hope you had a lovely day good luck in june.
    take care
    joan xx