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Is it just me or is there loads of stuff to use series link for at the moment? I think I have timed my surgery well - I will have loads to keep me occupied! I am watching Dallas, The New Normal, My Mad Fat Diary, The Good Wife, Call the Midwife, Ripper Street and Revenge at the moment, We are recording Utopia (not seen yet). I think The Big C and Being Human will be back on soon too! I know I shouldn't watch so much rubbish but I am loving it so much!



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    If you enjoy it then that's all that matters. I have just had to explain yet again the basic premise of Pointless to 'im indoors who is bemused by the low standard of daytime telly (so he must be feeling better in himself!) I have Father Brown to catch up, Body of Proof and the final series of The Killing (but we both need to be better for that one). I managed to erase the entire last series of Castle (my guilty pleasure) - what a twerp. :roll: DD
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    I am currently catching up on series 4 of The Big Bang Theory, and after that series 5!! I enjoyed Father Brown and also like Body of Proof.

    Watching new series of Rizzoli and Isles and waiting for the new series of The Mentalist to resume. Also enjoying Death in Paradise.

    Not much else on at the moment, looking forward to Britain's got Talent.
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    Father Brown!!! Fabulous TV - I love it and so does my husband :) Body of proof is good too and also Ripper st.

    Worth recording for those times when there is nowt on :roll:


    Toni xx
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    I watched the Body of Proof pilot and enjoyed it - think I might rent them from lovefilm.

    The mentalist - I watched up to when he shot RedJohn and assumed that that was it. Imagine how ticked off I was when I discovered that it wasn't repeats on C5 but series 4! I only found out too late so will prob rent those too.

    I have the final series of House on my lovefilm list too. Saving that one!

    What is this Father Brown? Do I need to watch it??
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    I do like call the midwife..and ripper..sorry not heard of the others.. :? :oops: I'm glad you are enjoying them like DD says that is all that matters...xx
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    Father Brown? Sorry more Mrs Brown's Boys in this household! When people ask why I love it so much I tell them it's because so many of my friends had Mammies like that when we were growing up! :shock: and indeed some of them have grown up into her! Plus the fact the rumour goes in our family circle that the star tried to chat my Mammy up some years ago!! So me Mammy could have gone out with The Mammy and been me Daddy?!! Oh dear all this thinking is making my head hurt - I'd better not mention when DES O'Connor asked her to run away with him!! :oops:

    Love Kate x
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    We use series link all the time!! When we go away we come home to 20% left so end up catching up with what has recorded. It is the best invention in the world don't know what I would do without it now! Being Human is back this coming week by the way! :wink:
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    Ooh is it Bubba? Fab! Thanks for letting me know. They snook (sp?) person of interest back on C5 this week too.