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Hello to all,
This is my first venture on the site. I have read many posts which detail similarities to my own journey through the world of pain. Sciatica, Arthritis (mild, as the doctor keeps reminding me), incontinence and all the pain you can imagine. Anyway, glad i"ve found this site and look forward to sharing my own and hearing other experiences.


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    Hello theseeker2. It's nice to meet you. I have RA with some OA thrown in but I only ever had sciatica in my last month of one pregnancy and I'm glad I didn't repeat it. it wasn't pleasant. As for what constitutes 'mild arthritis' - well, I guess a few volumes could be written on that subject :roll: Please join in on any thread you like. We're a friendly lot.
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I hope we can help with information and support. Everyone's arthritis is unique to them but we can at least emapthise with how tough things can be from time to time. As you've been looking around here for a while I'm sure you know how things work so I look forward to seeing your name here and there over the coming weeks. I wish you well. DD

    PS I reckon that those with 'mild' arthritis are those who like to think they have it (gawd knows why) whereas we (who actually do) know that 'mild' doesn't exist.
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    Hello and welcome theseeker2
    I have OA in multiple joints and sciatica seems to be part and parcel....like you say there is lots of information on the forum, so if you have any questions you post them in LWA, and come and have a laugh in chitchat.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon.