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Mum of daughter defeating aggressive JiA from 13 till now 20....I just feel determined to help and it's direct from the heart. This forum is amazing, there is so much advice and support from people who understand.

I know chatting to another mum is not the answer so my contribution is this I found this new thing :

Arthritis Research UK shared a link.
Arthritis Research UK has funded a new section on the Youthhealthtalk website - looking at young people’s experiences of arthritis - and we'd like your help to test it before its launch.
If you’re aged 10–25 and have arthritis, or you’re the parent of a child who does, it’d be great if you could complete an online questionnaire to let us know what you think.
You can access the survey by following the link on this page.

Youthhealthtalk - Young people, real lives, real life experiences, health and lifestyle,
This is a website about young people’s real life experiences of health and lifestyle. This is not just a website about the medical facts, this is about real people and real lives. Watch, listen and read young people talking about their experiences, and feel free to join in the forums.

It is good to hear money is being spent to help young people.

Wellness wishes to you all good luck connecting with each other on here or elsewhere or both and more!!

MumV :D


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    Just to add

    To get to the area about Arthritis the address is below as this is a new part of the youth health talk website you cannot trace in search engine but can access it via Artritis Research UK if you wish to join in on survey and be one of the first voices.

    I hope it does prove to be worthwhile. Positive wishes.

    For wellness and distraction my daughter prescribes, laugh :lol: a lot, keep busy surround yourself with friends, keep active when you can...she says when she is happy she feels well :D

    Mum V.