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Hello all, I have been reading for some time. My hubby diagnosed today with RA. And OA in 2011.

He is a 34 year old male. Having his hip resurfaced in April hopefully. Been having swelling and pain for some time in other joints, feet, hands, ankles, shoulders, elbows etc. finally today got the diagnosis.
Consultant wants to start methotrexate but as liver inflamed wont until bloods show ok. So no more diaclofenac as possible this is effecting the liver.
Really worried that the delay will mean the disease just works its damage more which is irriversable.

Hubby in denial somewhat, just thinks its a case of taking the tablets and all will be back to normal. He is a police officer and I do wonder how long he will be able to stay in this role.

Any advise, experiance great fully received.

Warney xx


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    Hello Warney. We old hands on the forum have a habit of telling newbies that arthritis affects the whole family not just the person diagnosed with the disease. You are showing how true that is. It is very hard to watch those we love go through tough times, isn’t it?

    I also have RA and OA but my OA is the result of years of the other and many of them without proper disease modifying meds. You are right in thinking that RA will do damage if unchecked by the correct meds but I don’t think you need worry about the timescale involved for your husband. The rheumatologist is onto it and he will be started on meds asap.

    I take methotrexate and it works very well for me. I hope it will for your husband too though often, at first, it’s a matter of trial and error with meds.

    Men, eh? Yes, yours sounds like a fully paid up bloke when you say he’s in denial. However, he could be right here. If the meds work well who knows how well he will do? He won’t be ‘back to normal’ because normal will be different now but he could manage very well and it sounds as if he intends to. I do hope so.
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    Hello there Warney

    A quick hello and welcome to the forums from me :D

    I am so glad you have found us and hoep you will find the forums as supportive as I have over the years.

    I am so sorry about your husband's diagnosis, but we are here and can be with you through the anxiety of starting his treatment.

    I hope to see you around on the forums


    Toni xx