Workplace Risk Assessment?

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I work for a big charity in Health and Social Care. I have OA, I already have adjustments in place. I missed two days and my absence has been escalated to HR by the outside company that collate the information. I think due to it being covered by the Equality Act. I am now to have regular risk assessments. I guess this is good, because I can apply some brakes, but part of me is fearful. It is likely my employer is acting in a duty of care to me and others, does anyone else have a risk assessment in place?


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    When my bosses want to try to push me into doing something different, I always end up having a risk assessment, as they cover their behinds with it and look after my needs as well.

    The last one I had was when the deputy manager wanted to transfer me to working the tills, and I told her I dont know how my hand would react to it, so it was a risk assessment, and then HR decided it was a bad idea to put me on tills as it could ruin my hand more, and so the risk assessment worked for me this time.

    they are looking after both parties, just be sure on what you agree to. and ask for a copy as well for Your records.

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