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Hi All,

My 6 years old son is still awaiting an appt with a Rhumatologist to confirm what sort of arthritis my son has, but in the mean time I am really struggling with one issue-getting him to school when he is in pain!

He mainly gets pain in his knees and hips, this seems particularly bad at the moment. I childmind sometimes 8 children during school runs, with 3 toddlers in a buggy and too many children to fit in my car. Today I had to wake my mum up to come and drive him to school but my parents are often away so I cant always do this.

I have looked at getting one of those childrens scooters that has a motor on it and a little seat-anyone tried one? I am not sure if he would be able to balance on it though, I have also tried a buggy board but my buggy doesnt work well with it.

Anyone found anything that I could use?

I am hoping that once the referral comes through he will be in less pain as I will know what to do to help him, especially at school as at the moment we are struggling, lets hope this letter wont be too much longer in coming!!

any mobility aids advice greatfully recieved xx Claire and Charlie


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    Its a tricky one hun, wheelchair through hospital perhaps but saying that I cant propell myself so I have a mobility scooter and due to not being allowed my scooter on trains! my hubby bought me a very cheap power wheelchair which is excellent and was only 100 off ebay. I used the guides on purchasing mobility scooters but please be carefull as I never thought of public transport issues etc, power wheelchairs are meant to be accordign to the guide for people who are wheelchair bound but if you can use them on public transport then that is ideal for me as I live in a village with one small corner shop so at least I now have some independance. Wish I could help more hun, I really feel for these poor little ones with this , so unfair.

    Wendy x
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    Is there another mum who drives in with space in the car that could take him until his medsd are sorted etc