Ill health retirement super quick

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Long story but I have suffered severe RA for 9 years and had many periods of long term sickness from work. Had a few battles with work but on the whole they have been good (but also very cautious). Anyway, went to work on Monday morning very poorly, I could barely walk, and almost collapsed when I got to my staff room. End of the line with meds and progressively becoming worse by the day. Between sobs, I held my hand up and said "that it, I'm done. I can't do this anymore". Three hours later I was in a meeting discussing "options" when I stated I want I'll health retirement, tier 1 etc. next morning I saw occ health who agreed and referred me to see a physician next week.
My goodness, do you think they want rid of me, most people have a battle on their hands. It took me less than 3hours and I went on MY terms. I'm very upset at leaving work after 10 years but I'm beat, I've had enough, can't do it anymore.
No idea how much pension i will get, but now I have to start a new battle with ESA. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

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    Good on you hun, I may have to do this and its nice to hear this. Its darn hard balancing a chronic condition with work and work collegues although they appear to understand coudlnt possibly as they are not experiencing it. I'm off to see Neuro today for firast appointment so lets see. Really pleased for you, I have only paid into pension scheme since 2004 but did have my stamps paid prior as was on DLA and incapacity prior to that so goodness knows what I would get for a pension on ill health grounds but I have heard of people really having to fight for this, well done you.

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