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Hi - I've just joined the group and I'm looking for info on employment law - my employer (Council) is being difficult about me having time off for hospital appointments and blood tests etc. They want me to use my holidays :x I've had Psoriatic arthritis for 18 months and been on Sulf'e Leflu'e and Methotrex'e - now about to start injections instead of pills and need time off work. Any advice appreciated about work or otherwise. thanks


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    Hello, I'm afraid I can't help on employment law because I am self-employed (also have PsA) and thus have an extraordinarily understanding boss. :wink: Might I suggest you contact your local CAB? They have experts to hand on all sorts of matters and they may well be able to shed some light on this for you. I know from my own experience that we do need to spend quite some time at the hospital and it can make working life and arrangements difficult. I hope the meds are helping you and that the disease is being brought under some measure of control. DD
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    Hell no!!!

    I can only speak from my situation and that's:
    if you are registered disabled and have notified your employer of this, you are entitled to 'reasonable time off for medical appointments'. Any time off sick due to your disability should also be recorded separately to general sickness. I work for Local Authority - prior to that a Borough Council - and throughout my employment I've never had any issues with regards to this.
    With regards to the potential time off following your injections get a sick note from your GP to cover this time - if your GP tells you to self certificate for the first 7 days explain the situation and say you've been asked by your employer to be certificated from day one.
    Check your contract/Terms & Conditions of Employment/Staff Handbook. Speak to personnel, if you have access to a Union speak to them and also CAB as previously advised. ACAS may also be able to assist.
    Let us know what happens.
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    Hi Julian31,
    Are your employers fully aware of your condition? I had to have time off recently because of my condition and when I went back to work I was penalised by HR. However, I rarely tell anybody about my arthritis as I much prefer to 'just get on with it' which, or so I am told, gives people the wrong impression, in that; they hadn’t realised or even understood my needs. It's about educating them, be totally honest and if required supply them with medical evidence from your specialist and or doctor!
    My employers are so understanding now and helpful!

    Good luck :)
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    Thanks everyone for the advice. Just thinking about getting registered as disabled, how to go about it, and about the implications for work and the DVLA as I'm a full time HGV Driver. I don't need special controls for the vehicle - yet! Sometimes I struggle to put in a full week because of either tiredness, joint pain or both. Don't want to 'shoot myself in the foot!' and I need to keep working financially. :)
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    Thanks for the info. My boss at work thinks he writes the rules, I need to keep 2 steps ahead.

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