Bubba Dog

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Good Morning everyone

Hope you are all well , Bubba has ask me to tell you she is ok and doing well .She has 2 new babies which are taking up all of her time AHHHH They are so sweet .

Could her right armed ladies to take care of the book club in her absence and she will be back in full force soon .

many thanks Fowls


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    Thank you so much for taht iinfo Fowls I just looked in these past couple of days to here about the new babies, please pass on my kind regards and wish Bubbadog well with the babies.
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    Thanks Karen, how are you?

    Enjoy your babies Bubba :D
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    Thanks for letting us know. I am glad she is having fun with her kittens.
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    Thanks Karen

    You tell her to love them like mad they grow so fast!!

    Tell er Daisycat says she can have the survival backpacks ready when they are old enough to go outside :D


    Toni xxx