22 with arthritis in both hip joints.....

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Hello everybody on this forum.

My name is Martin Jarvis an i am 22 years old from Oldham near Manchester.

I have has inflammatory arthritis since the age of 17/18.
leading to Osteoarthritis.

Unfortunately it settled in my right hip joint at around 19. with medication and steroid injections etc it was kept under control to begin with. But with me being a young lad, i didnt take the disease seriously and had a major flare up resulting in me being off work for 3 months.

At this time i was a Prison Officer and so had to give up my job because i was unable to carry out my duties. this lead to a boring office job that i hated.

I then applied to university and began my degree. My condition was controlled until recently. i have had another flare up.

The arthritis has now attacked my left hip joint as well as my right hip joint. (brilliant) Ive been told to expect a double hip replacement within the next 10 years.

so thats my story. quite long winded but i dont think ive missed any essential details.

I have previously applied for DLA and a blue badge and was rejected at the first hurdle for both.
I am considering re-applying for both again as my condition has become alot worse now. if i am rejected, should i appeal or ask for a medical assessment etc?

i think my age may have played a part in being rejected but could never be sure of this.

so hello everybody.


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    Hey :)

    I'm 18 & have rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia, I am currently battling with the DLA have been for the 6 months my case has my been reconsidered 3 times and now is going to tribunal. From what I've read online people have had more success once they've taken it to a tribunal.

    If your well enough I would defiantly say stick with it!

    Best of luck!

    Kate :)
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    Hi Martin & Kate
    I am considering re-applying for both again as my condition has become alot worse now. if i am rejected, should i appeal or ask for a medical assessment etc?

    Kate's right about appealing and taking it as far as you need to. I've got a few friends from uni and NUS disabled group and the general consenus is that the process for applying and getting any disability benefits is apply and get the basic amount, fail an ATOS test, appeal and get what you are really entitled to with it backdated. There are some who have to go as far as a tribuneral but in one area that I know of it was quoted in the press that 70-something% of tribunerals ended being awarded a higher amount. That lasts for a year until you fail the next ATOS assessment and go through the whole process again. That might sound cynical but it is the experience of most people I know who have gone through disability benefit claims.

    I guess the answer to your question is you should absolutly appeal everything as it seems to be that when genuine medical assessments are made (not the farcial circus of an ATOS box ticking exercise) people are awarded their claim and it is now regarded almost as a standard proceedure.
    I don't know if you seen the Panorama film about cherry picking people to support who would earn the contractors the most money while others are "parked" but I think that it actually goes deeper and that some people make money by forcing people through the appeals process.

    One thing I am certain of, I don't think your age has anything to do with it. Older people are going through exactly the same thing.

    Last thing, above all else, go to your CAB for advice and support whether you think you need it or not. I helped other students while I was at college and uni through the students associations but even when I applied my own advice to myself I found the process much harder without the support of an organisation behind me. I've gone through the system a few times now and can say without any doubt that ATOS and the DWP are less likely to muck you around if you have somebody like the CAB supporting you.

    Hope that might help, Calum.
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    Thanks for your replys Kate and Calum, i will deffinately appeal this time around, im focussing more on getting my health sorted than concerning myself with my univesity placement year and degree. i can always pick that up again once im fit enough to do so. I think being able to walk properly at a reasonable pace and drive my car without pain are goals i would like to achieve first.

    Thanks again guys