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hi there I've had OA for a number of years in my left knee and 3 years ago I had a microfracture and debridement on it. It helped a lot but now my knee is agony and I've got OA in my right one as well.
I've just seen a surgeon in the local CATS scheme who has referred me back to secondary care and hes recommending that I have either repeated arthroscopic surgery combined with lateral release or patellofemoral joint replacement. I've had a quick look on the internet and they both appear to have very mixed results! my partner asked the surgeon about me having a total knee replacement but the surgeon appeared to do his best to put me off as he said that knee replacements don't automatically get rid of pain and that it wouldn't give me the results that I wanted, which is to be free of the pain. I,m really struggling as I work full time and I'm struggling more and more. I come home from work and cry then take as many painkillers as possible to knock myself out. I suppose I'm just confused as to what would be the best option for me. Please have you got any advice for me?


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    hi Jenny

    I am sorry to hear that your knee is causing you so much pain

    You say that you have just seen a surgeon who has made recommendations to you, this lead to you having a quick look at the internet which gave mixed results. It also seems that the surgeon ‘did his best to put you off knee replacements’, it sounds as if thinking about the best options is a little confusing.

    Jenny we are not medically trained on the helplines, however I am thinking it may be an opportunity for you to talk things through and gain some support that may be useful for you.

    If you would like to give us a call on 0808 800 4050 (10am – 4pm Monday – Friday) to talk informally about your options and how you are feeling, please do.

    Best wishes

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