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just a wee note to ask if any one knows why our mulity cooker goes on and off , as it is new we thought this was the reason , if any one owns one which way do they work ???

Mike R & Hazel & Mike JR
Mike R & Hazel & MikeJR


  • PollySid
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    Do you mean the little temperature light keeps going off?
    They keep turning on and off to keep at a steady temperature, a thermostat I suppose, but I'm not technically minded so don't quote me on it.
    If you mean it goes off altogether for long lengths of time, then I would take it back to where you got it from and replace it.
    Oops, just realised you said multi cooker, I thought you meant a slow cooker, but I suppose it is a similar thing.
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    Hi Mike its good to see you..and hope you and your family are keeping well.
    Like Polly I just have a slow cooker, so Im not sure of the there nothing in your instruction book...other than that..I would try and send them an email..sorry Im not much help.x
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    Good to see you Mike

    Hope that the light isn't anything serious


    Toni xxx