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Hi I just got the results back from knee x-rays. I only spoke to the nurse as I have to wait until 11th March to see my Dr. She said I have minor arthritis in both knees. If this is minor pain I hope it never gets major. My right leg is the worst and really hurts when I try to walk. The pain has gradually increased over years. I always try to walk 2 - 3 miles a day, now I can hardly get 1/2 a mile before I cripple home. Would using a walking cane help?
The codeine & paracetamol does virtually nothing to ease the pain. Any advice would be gratefully received.
Thanks Mowattsy.


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    Hi Mowattsy,

    Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear that your knees are giving you such a lot of gip at the moment. There are many people who feel confused when words like mild and minor are used in relation to xrays for osteoarthritis. The thing to remember here is that minor only refers to the osteoarthritic changes that have occurred to your knees. Xrays are not an accurate measure of pain and it's quite common to have only mild changes yet experience excruciating pain.
    A walking stick might help in reducing pain when you walk. When you see your Dr you could ask about a referral to an occupational therapist or physio - they can have a good look at your gait and may know which kind of stick is most likely to help.
    As your current meds don't seem to be helpling, I'd also be asking the Dr what else they can suggest. Most people usually find something that helps , even if it can be a frustrating process trying to get there.
    Best wishes
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    Thanks Paul,
    I'll ask the Doc about a referral, and ask about meds. I had a heart attack 2 years ago and the heart meds don't do too well will nsaids.

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