When you do not give up, you cannot fail

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Warning: you will well up.

I follow Back Pain Exercises on FB and this link was posted there.

Elna x


  • barbara12
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    Oh Elna ...well up.. I am sobbing here...how inspirational his he...how lovely that father and son did it together....Barbara who is off looking for tissues :cry: wonderful xx
  • Starburst
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    I got goosebumps and then I cried like a baby! Thank you so much for sharing.xx
  • kathbee
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    You are right about the welling up Elna
    Such a touching and poignant thing to see.

    Kath x
  • Catie
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    I shed a tear as well....so very touching.

  • villier
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    Thanks Elna, certainly did need the tissue's, was so emotional xx

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