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Hi Folks,

Well our youngest is going on her first ever residential trip with school in April for 2 nights and we've decided we should do something with the time. We promised ourselves a couple of nights away as a joint Christmas present rather than buying something and nothing but what with my Mother - in - law passing away on Christmas morning and my ill -health we hadn't really given it much thought. Well I mentioned to OH that some friends were going away whilst the kids are on their trip and he said what a good idea and we should do the same for our belated Christmas present. So the thing is -what to do? My mobility is so compromised now that sightseeing around a city isn't really an option. OH wouldn't want a spa break so can any of you think of anything other than a theatre break. We've done les Mis before and London can be so 'manic' so I'd like to do something a bit different. Also we don't want to travel more than a couple of hours away in case we need to get back ASAP.

So thinking caps on folks -all suggestions gratefully received.

Love Kate x


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    We were supposed to be going away for the weekend but after last week's hospital stay I didn't want to go too far from the hospital. So here was what we did- we found a lovely 4 star Inn 20 minutes or so away (but in Yorkshire not Lancashire so another world away). We did their deal of a lovely room and a huge meal and the next day drove down to the local village/town where we had a coffee, a potter, another coffee and lunch and then headed home. I wasn't the weekend we had planned but it was magic to just be somewhere else and when we got home it felt like we'd been away for ages and been far further than we had. Not the most exciting idea I know but ticks your limited mobility, not too far boxes and really worked for us. Whatever you do I hope you have a fantastic time. LV xx
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    I'm in a similar position with my birthday (ending in a zero) next week but ill health has prevented me from marking the occasion with a special trip away as I had intended. Instead my 2 older girls are coming to stay and that will be lovely and I'll have to have a 2nd birthday like the Queen later in the year.

    After all your recent heartbreak of losing your MIL and being in hospital you will need a lovely quiet time away, a chance to rest and time together, maybe something with beautiful grounds to walk round if you feel able and if the weather is nice. That way you get rested, well fed and no crowds.

    I hope you and Hubby have a lovely time,

    Elizabeth xxx
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    Hoar Cross Hall Kate :D

    Paul and I just back form a one nighter while my youngest was in London with school :wink:



    Toni xxx
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    Hi Toni,

    Just had a look on the web and it looks fab-will suggest it!

    Glad you ad a lovely time - how did the school trip go?

    Love Kate x
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    Looking on the web for something near to home sounds like a plan.....whatever you decide I'm sure you will have a lovely couple of days.

    Dee x