Pocket duties for Arnie & Willow Please!

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Arnie & Willow have their 2nd jabs tomorrow morning and this will be their 1st visit to the vets! The appointment is 9am so 1st thing in the morning. Not sure how they will react yet! Thank you for doing pocket duties and I'm glad I can get back to pretty normal again and pop into here again! Glad to be back!!!

They have well and truely settled in and run round the house like mad so pleased they are happy but they really are hard work! But it's worth it!!


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    Hello Bubbadog
    good luck Arnie and Willow with your injections.
    your mummy will look after you.
    joan xx
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    I'm sure they'll both be fine, but I'll be in your pocket anyway. (I don't think kittens have pockets :lol: ) I'll bring some nice cat treats.
    It's good to have you back Bubbadog.
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    Thank you for the pocket duties I think it was for me more than the monkey's! But Arnie & Willow did their mommy proud. Didn't cry once on the way to the vets and when we where there they sat and watched this huge dog (I could have used him as a horse the size of him! honest!!) and when we where with Tim the vet they didn't cry or hiss once! They made their mommy proud! And they even got a goody bag each with free food and a bowl!!

    Thanks Numpty glad to get back, may be on and off but glad to be back with my Arthur pals! :wink:

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