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Hi everyone!

I am new to the forum so I do apologise if this is a common question! Does wearing supports or braces help your joints when they are stiff and painful?

I'm 21 and was diagnosed with JIA at 16 months old and it has effected all the joints in my body since I was a baby so there has been a decent amount of damage to some joints.

My left elbow is very stiff and painful if I put any pressure on it or move it to quickly. Could a support help me so I don't stop using my arm? I have noticed that im holding my hand in against my stomach a lot or in my pocket and only using my right. Could it make it worse or could I become to reliant on a support?

I wear a splint support on my left wrist as it is almost completely fused and need the support to be able to grip or lift things. I have never really thought about supports as I have always just got on with it and just forget to look into it! Anyway ill stop there before I go off on one!

Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated :P


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    Hello and welcome to you!

    Sorry you had to find us, it sounds as if you've been battling arthritis for a very long time and I love your upbeat 'just get on with it' approach.

    The truth is, as with so many arthritis aids and meds, it's quite a personal thing so maybe, maybe not is the answer. I know a good brace once made life lots easier with my knee but a thumb splint once made things lots worse. One thing I will say is speak to your rheumatology team and ask for a referral to an occupational therapist so that any brace or support is properly fitted and your ongoing use is monitored. Don't try and find a high street option, I only say that based on my experience, others may have better advice.

    Nice to meet you, LV
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    I am sorry that you have had to find us and that you are so young. Doesn't seem far.

    Regarding supports etc. My doctor recommended a wrist and thumb support. And I found them to be of help. (sorry LV, that they didn' work for you)

    Since my elbow has benn playing up. I have started using stubby grips when really really painful. But as LV said, it really depends on the individual. So, speak to you're doctor.

    I shall look forward to seeing you around the forum. You will really love it here.
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    I have got an extremely painful elbow at present, and am desperate for relief. Already had a steroid injection before which worked for a short time, but it has come back. I have tried everything and in desperation tried an elbow support and it is helping, till I take it off :lol: It was pricey (15.99) from the chemist b**ts, but some pound shops do them. Worth every penny as far as I am concerned. As it was increasing the stress on the other joints in my arm and making my hand unusable.

    Everyone is different though, so maybe try one from a pound shop, got to be worth a go!!
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    Hello and a warm welcome from me
    Gosh I do feel for you, and hope you stay with us at the very least you will be able to unburden yourself on us...talking is a great help...
    Has for the splints I only have one at the min but was told not to wear it all the time but to do my hand exercises in between....if I was you I would get into with your physio...I am sure they will offer some help...
    You take care(((((())))) xx
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    Thankyou everyone for your warm welcome and advice!

    I think you are right and the best person to talk to would be my Dr! There as so many different types of support and braces with hinges etc. I have no idea what I am looking for anyway!!

    I have lost all my confidence in my rheumy but this should give me the kick up the bottom I need to sort it out! I will definitely request a referral to see and occupational therapist, few people including my mum have mentiond it to me lately as well.

    Thanks again everyone, I think it was a good move joining this forum and finally start talking to people who really understand what it's like to have arthritis!
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    You can self-refer to an Occupational Therapist. You might find they'll help with all sorts of things though I'd have thought an Orthotist would be the person for supports etc. It was my rheumatologist first referred me to mine but a GP or physio might be able to also. As a temporary measure, an improvised sling or even just resting your wrist somewhere could help - I say 'somewhere' because I used to slip mine through the buttons of my shirt or cardigan. It just takes the pressure off a bit.

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