ibuprofen and alcohol advice please

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ive always been under the assumption that you can drink even though you are taking ibuprofen and i have never been told otherwise im just wondering if thats true? because im currently taking 600 mg twice a day and if in the evening i have alcohol its making me sick and have a really bad headache im just curious as to whether its linked to my ibuprofen or to do with something completley different :/


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    Hi, I take 400mg 3-4 times a day. This is going to sound a bit weird but I find I don't have a certain limit with alcohol, it depends how my arthritis and medication differs each day.
    I know you're meant to limit your alcohol intake on methotrexate but not heard about limits with ibuprofen.
    It may be a case of reviewing your limits because your medication dosage has changed, I had to do that many times through uni!!
    Hope that makes a bit of sense! Xx
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    I think it is more to do with the fact that ibuprofen can be bad for the lining of your stomach, alcohol can irritate it more.

    If I've had high doses I will avoid to much booze otherwise I drink as normal and never been sick. I can feel a bit headachy or unwell but that is more to do with my mood and energy levels before drinking.

    Try to eat something before drinking anything, that should help with the sickness. Pace yourself, know your limits, stop if you begin to feel unwell and have a good time! :)
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    Hi Megan
    Just wondered if your GP has put you on lansoprozol or omeprazol think they are called PPIs to protect your stomach as ibuprofen can be nasty on your stomach last thing you need is a stomach ulcer
    It's worth asking them on your next visit
    As for alcohol I'm not sure they say don't drink it if your on certain medication but I have the odd tipple every now and then with no detrimental affects
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    I get Codeine 30mg twice a day plus Tramadol 50mg 4 x time a day. Although Tramadol and alcohol don't mix, codeine and alcohol has never given me a problem.

    Have you thought about discussing with your GP your health needs. As the above poster mentioned lanzoprozole may help your stomach if you want to continue with ibuprofen.

    But have you considered whether a different combinations of pain killers may help fight the pain more? I found I developed a tolerance to ibuprofen and naproxen, (which after 2 years did nothing for me anymore, except for severe bouts).Try to discuss things with your GP and don't be afraid to put your point of view across. I basically tell my GP what I want, and I have tried different combos to find what works best for me.