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Hello everyone, recently I have been experiencing lots of sweating, day and night but cold hands and pain in one ankle. I'm just wandering if anybody else has these symptoms?? Thanks for any help xx


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    Ah, the sweats. Could age be a factor? I thought that once my menopause was done they too would be but, alas, it was not to be. I can melt at the drop of a hat, bed is the worst time (he's huddled under the duvet and a doubled fleece blanket whilst I'm sleeping on a towel-wrapped pillow and still have a mopping one to hand). I teach with a fan going full-blast (I blame the lights on my desk, oh boy they emit some heat!) and cooking is a nightmare as I have to sit at the stove/oven and they too are hot. :roll: As for pain, well, that's everywhere and yes, bits can be cold whilst the rest of me drips. It's tiring. DD
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    I've never associated sweating with my arthritis. I do dislike hot temperatures though.

    I've always had cold hands - cold to the touch, that is ie others remark on them but they feel fine to me.

    Ankle pain? Yup, that sounds quite normal.
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    I'm only just 32 so would of thought not an age thing but you never know. Maybe its unrelated to my other symptoms. My hands are always freezing and a little blue in colour to. I have written this all down anyway to show at my appointment, maybe they can shed some light on what i'm feeling. As for the ankle it really hurt last night, felt the pain going up my leg but has eased off today. Just feeling very tired. Thankyou for your responses xx
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    Hi dinkidi
    I have OA but have awful night and day sweats...I have gone through the menopause and now started you say right it all down...hope you have a good appointment and get some answers x
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    I can get very sweaty at times and then very cold. My consultant at the hospital said, its to do with the fibro. I also run a slight temperature when I feel like this, if its the fibro. Of course this weather doesn't help, but if they go on I'd see your GP. just to check it over and find out whats going on :o Hope all goes well love Suexxxx
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    I've been sweating profusely and embarrassingly lately; the hot weather has been a killer. While everyone else was sporting a slight 'sheen' of moisture, I was literally dripping with the stuff...I had my long hair cropped, which I thought would help, but now there is nothing to soak it up and it runs down my neck, the side of my face, into my's hideous! I am, apparently, like a human radiator when I'm lying in bed, you can feel the heat without even touching my skin. I'm so glad the weather has cooled a bit.

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    I also suffer with this and occasionally come over all hot and sweaty and did wonder whether it was something to do with arthur. Have noticed it seems to get worse when the pain level goes up. It would seem that it is quite common.

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    Hi; I have Raynaud's disease with my PsA. It leads to one's hands and feet turning variously white and blue and becoming very cold. The secondary form of Raynaud's is associated with autoimmune disease. It causes blood vessels to go into spasm and clamp closed in response to cold temps (even drinking cold drinks) and stress. I seem to have this severely and it causes quite a bit of additional pain and stiffness. In fact, typing is bringing it on just now! :o ouch! I even get it on my face sometimes where lips, nose and cheeks turn bright blue. Very attractive :D ! I've had this for ~15+ years; well before the PsA.

    I believe the white and blue color changes to the skin are diagnostic. You could watch for these and ask your doctor next time you have an appointment. Generally, I just turn white and mildly blue, but I have had my feet turn dark blue like they had been dipped in ink. It is very important for us with our arthritic joints not to ignore cold extremities as circulation to the joints is already impaired with various arthritic problems, swellings, etc. We need good circulation for fluid and nutrient exchange to the joints.

    It's a very unpleasant syndrome and leads to strange combinations of symptoms for myself like sweaty, clammy extremities that look white and dead. It tends to be an ongoing source of irritation and is only really painful if I ignore it and not wear gloves and extra socks, or get into situations where I get too cold overall. Sometimes the only way to dissuade an attack is to plunge into very warm water.

    Hope you don't have this and are simply sensitive to cold :) The various forms of arthritis can have wide-ranging circulatory effects.

    Best wishes,
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    And....of course, check in with your GP. I think we're all struggling to acclimate to summer.
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    I am the same as ouchpotato. I had wondered if steroids add to the problem. When I started on 15mg Prednisolone it was a very unpleasant problem, far worse than I had experienced before or since. I'm now on 3mg, but I don't think it's any worse now than before arthritis. My 2 year old granddaughter also suffers with it, poor little thing, so maybe some people just do.