I wonder if you can help please (Sorry it's so long).

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I've looked at the forum for a while but haven't posted before.

I started with pains in my R leg around 16 months ago. I went to radiology in October last year and when I checked the results with the surgery the receptionist told me there was no follow up needed. I struggled on with increasing pain before going back to the G.P on 27th December. He told me the results had shown bi-lateral osteoarthritis in my hips but they didn't specify the degree of the problem. The receptionist should have advised me to make a follow up app. He referred me to the physio. I saw the physio for some exercises on one occasion and had a follow up 3wks later when he said he couldn't really help me any further. He had seen the xray results at the hospital. The discharge letter from him stated severe restriction of movement and affected mobility due to bi-lateral osteoarthritis and poor response to exercise.

I am taking 8 paracetamol, 8 codeine phosphate, 2 naproxen, 1 lansoprazole. I also take ramipril, amlodipine and laxido sachets. I seem to always be taking something. To be honest it hardly touches the pain.

I was back at the Dr on Tuesday of this week and he said he would refer me to an orthopedic surgeon.

This morning I have received a letter inviting me to attend an appointment at the hospital on 18th March for Pre-assessment and a provisional operation date for 16th April. I am so shocked at the speed of this. I've never heard of getting such a letter prior to having seen a registrar or consultant! Is this usual, normal?

I am working 30 hrs per week as a social worker. I do struggle greatly getting in and out of the car and also sitting in the office and homes for long periods of time. I also have a lot of problems sleeping and walking any distance. I am 52 years old.

My husband is retired and I am on a temporary contract until the end of July, but was hoping to be kept on. I know they will finish me then if I am on sick leave. I'm so worried and confused as we can't manage on just his pension. I really don't know what to do.

Sorry for the long post but any advice would be gratefully received.



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    Hi Minnie

    I am a member of the forum but have just read your posting and cannot quite believe what I am reading, that you have received a letter giving you dates for your pre op assessment and then the date for a provisional operation without any discussion with a consultant or side kick about this beforehand...... unless you receive a letter in the next couple of days giving you a consultant's appointment before the pre op assessment date.

    Personally I would have been on the telephone about this letter because I would not want to have any pre op/op if there had been no discussion about anything with a consultant beforehand.

    If I were you I would call the person who signed the letter and ask for an consultants appointment first. You do not have to take those dates if you do not wish to do so. Perhaps there was a cancellation but it is a most peculiar way to go about things, there must be some kind of waiting list surely....

    It could of course be an "administrative error". I would not be at all surprised, having received two "nonsense" letters from a hospital in the past week or so and had to sort it out with them. :roll:

    I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain and hope that you can come to some amicable arrangement with your workplace as it sounds as if you really do need an op in the not too distant future.

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    Hi Minnie

    Thanks for your posting and apologies for the delay in replying.

    As Elna mentions in her reply, it seems unusual that you have been given a pre-op assessment date, plus a provisional operation date, without having a discussion with a consultant first regards your options. It may be worth ringing the number on your letter to ask if you can see an orthopaedic specialist first to discuss your options.

    For more information on osteoarthritis of the hip see our factsheet at http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Listedbytype/Factsheets/main_content/OAhipfactsheetJune2011.pdf and our booklets on coping with pain, living with osteoarthritis and working with arthritis at http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Listedbytype/Booklets plus complimentary therapies at http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/arthritis-information/complementary-and-alternative-medicines.aspx.

    You are welcome to ring us anytime you want to have a chat, or if you need more information.

    All the best

    Helplines Team
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    Thank you Elna.

    After posting on Friday and when I got over the shock and upset of the letter I did ring the hospital. I was told that this is how my local authority works. I am able to alter the dates and was given a password to go on line and change the pre- op assessment. I can also negotiate the admission date when I go along to the pre-op assessment.

    I have looked at all the information on this site and it has been very helpful.

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    Well, Minnie, I have learned something new today now! :wink: Does that mean that you can tweak your op date when you have seen the consultant or do you not get to actually meet the surgeon who is going to do your op? I always thought hospitals liked you to have your pre op fairly near your op date? All change then it would seem in your local authority!

    Do keep in touch as I find it interesting that some hospitals do things upside down and topsy turvy so to speak! :roll: You are most welcome to call in and chat to us forum members on the Living with Arthritis zone if you would like advice/help either before your op or post op.

    Anyway, I wish you well,

    Elna x

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