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I went back to work today after 3 months off with my combo of stress/joint problems. I still don't have a diagnosis and don't see a rheumatologist until 16th April. My manager set up a workstation assessment but the H&S manager pointed me straight to Access to Work. I already have a special chair, mouse, document holder, and riser for my monitor, so I'm interested to see what ATW will come up with as an alternative, as I can't see that there is much else they can provide me with. At a push, it might result in a different chair but ironically using a mouse and keyboard (the mouse is already ergonomic) don't affect me too badly.

Can anyone advise what I could/should expect?



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    Hi, how did the return to work go?

    I was thinking of you.

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    I used access to work (I have RA) and they paid for a laptop for me to be set up in my own home so that I could work from home to compensate for my early morning stiffness. I needed to be in work as well and also attended meetings but if I was having a bad flare that made it hard for me to get dressed or drive early am then I started work from home and drove in when I could. I also came home early some days and worked at home at the end of the day. This was with the local authority and it made my life so much easier that I ended up with very few days off sick and it really took the pressure off. The main thing was that the work still got done and I never abused it. If I had to finish early then I made up the time another day because they were so good about it all. I dont know if you have that kind of flexibility with your job but I thought I would tell you how it worked for me.

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    We have flexitime but on my pay-grade I'm not expected/contracted to work from home and our team is prohibited from using/accruing flexi (manager's discretion) but I guess if I was that bad, they would have to suck it up. I've checked our sickness policy and if I'm not capable of doing my job they can terminate my employment. Nice. I can't see that happening, however. Ironically, as my rheumatology appt gets closer, my pain is subsiding and at the moment I'm not taking any painkillers.

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