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Hello to you all.

I have been given this site from the NRAS forum site to see if anyone can help me. I have sarcoidosis in both lungs and my Rheumy seems to think this is what is causing my joint pain. Saw him yesterday and he told me that I have osteo arthritis in both hands and feet, but that the shoulders show calcification on the X-ray. He is also sending me for tests for osteoporosis. Had blood test for bone density too.

Any help or advice old be appreciated.

Jean why


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    Hello Janwhy and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry I know next to nothing about sarcoidosis though I dimly recollect it being mentioned at least once on here. (I have RA with some OA.) As more people use the Living With Arthritis forum you might get a better response if you re-post on there. Meanwhile I did manage to find this out from the NHS site:

    The Sarcoidosis Charity recommends the following lifestyle measures to encourage the body to fight off sarcoidosis:

    quit smoking if you smoke
    avoid exposure to dust, chemicals, fumes and toxic gases
    eat a healthy balanced diet
    drink plenty of water
    take plenty of exercise and sleep

    There is also a sarcoidosis charity
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    Hi sticky wicket, thanks for your reply, I am already a member of the sila site. The question I wanted help with was the calcification in the shoulders, but thanks for your kind reply.


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