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Hi everyone
I am 23 and have arthritis and I am just about to complete my psychology degree. I really want to work ( as a counsellor) but I know I will only be able to work part time. If you can only work part time due to your condition can you receive benefits also as I will not be able to live on what I will be able to earn. I am clueless about all this and need pointing in the right direction
Thanks for any help
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?


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    I am cluless too KitKat ,,,,I think lots of things come into it...hours worked, other incomes in the household and outgoings.... I'm too tired and poorly to work it all out... so consequently I havent tried....They should simplify it all.
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    Hi Kittkat,

    I too work part time. I get DLA though and that also helps us to get working tax credits. It basically makes my salary up to a full-time wage.

    The government has a benefits page you can go to and then it suggests certain benefits, that's how we got DLA, then that opened the door to working tax credits.

    Hope you get other answers too.

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    There is working tax credit to boost your income but with all the changes, I'm not sure how that will be effected.

    I've only ever worked 4 days a week, not quite full time.