Hello, New and looking for kindness and reassurance

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This is all new for me, I was recently diagnosed with sero-negative arthritis I'm on a combinationation of methotrexate and sulfasalazine,,
Im a mother with a 5 yr old and 3 yr old was very sporty my job was a Riding Instructor and I ran 3 times a week
I haven't been able to ride for a year and still can't walk very far,, I guess i was wondering if any of you lovely people might be able to re-assure me that this would get better with the new meds, feeling alone and isolated.


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    Hello there. It's good to meet you but I'm sorry you had to find us. This must have come as a big shock and a life-changer.

    I have RA but the meds are the same, although I'm on meth and hydroxychloroquine. These meds can take several weeks to work well and I hope you'll soon start to feel the benefit. It's no joke having two small children and arthritis. I did it many years ago and it was tough even though I'd not been particularly sporty (except as a spectator).

    I do sympathise. I know how hard riding instructors work as I did RDA for 10 years (as a rider) until my orthopaedic surgeon got a bit iffy about it.

    You'll find a great deal of support and empathy on here and there's no need to feel isolated any more. We can't promise things will improve as we don't have a crystal ball but they usually do. And remember that those for whom the meds are working well don't come here much - if at all - as they don't need to.

    In the meantime, please join in anywhere. We're a friendly crowd :D
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    Hello and a warm welcome from me
    Like SW says sorry you had to look for us... but glad you have found us..you will get lots of info off the forum and support.
    Its is good to talk to people that understand some of what you are going through, I have OA so sorry I cant offer much help...but im a good listener.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon x
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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you but I am so, so sorry that you have had to find us. What a bummer. :(

    I can't offer you much in the way of comfort because my experience of this is very different to yours. I am now about to embark on my seventeenth year of Living with Arthritis and it's not been a happy time. I hope that your diagnosis has been made quickly because I am firmly of the belief that the sooner one begins the meds the better the possible outcome. I didn't begin sulphasalazine until 2002, seven years in, far too little and far too late for me but, hopefully, this is not the situation with you.

    None of us can predict our arthritic futures - everyone is different in how they are affected and with what happens to them but, for some, the meds can make a noticeable difference. They can take time to build up in one's system (the usual timescale for any effect to be noticed is two to twelve weeks) and it can take some time to find the right combination for you.

    Come and talk to us, those of us with an auto-immune version have all been there and done that and we do understand the shock and utter disbelief that diagnosis can bring. The Living with Arthritis part of the forum is where we talk about meds, doctors, appointments, struggles etc, the other forum titles are self-explanatory. Take care - we're here, OK? DD
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    Welcome to the forum I am afraid it is OA I have so can't help too much on that side but can sympathise as I know what it's like living with chronic pain, you will get lots of support, advice and kindness on here, I haven't been around that long but have had oodles of support and feel I have made a load of new friends, it is not all doom and gloom we get a lot of laughs as well which is the best medicine you can get, lovely to meet you and hope to see you around............tc................Marie x

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