Mummy + Arthritis = help...

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Hi, Im sarah..I am 21, i have had arthritis since i was 18 months old, I have a baby boy who is 16 months old..well before i had my son my joints were doing well no hospital or anything. but since giving birth in september 2011 i have had nothing but hell, now on loads of tablets high dose, countless injections in my knees and bum.. but its been nearly two years down the line and still my joint just wont settle down at all.. its get me down when i find it hard to get on the floor with my son because it hurts so another knee injection is booked in two weeks times!.. but my main problem im having as being a big girl anyways and having a child, plus alot of stress in the last couple of years i just found it impossible to lose weight.. i was wondering any tips really? like if you have a flare up in the knees which i find really hard to even walk or put socks on how am i going to lose weight and kept it off? i know losing weight would really help my knee which is where i always have my problems..
Thanks for reading! x