Will i get arthritis or serious problems with my knuckle?

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I punched a bin about a month ago. I had my hand looked at and the person said it's broken and to go down the hospital and have it looked at. I didn't go down the hospital now my knuckle (little finger knuckle) is like twice the size it should be. I got told it's too late now and i will have arthritis in it. Is there a way to stop this? And i might have boxing matches soon so i need do something. I punched something earlier (not hard) and now it really hurts and it's swollen again and it is really painful. What can i do and have i got a problem for life now?


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    Hi Tyler123

    Thanks for your posting and sorry to hear about your painful knuckle.

    It’s best to get it checked out by your doctor or local A&E department, as you may need a further x-ray or mri scan to see what has happened inside the joint and also have some form of protection put on it to stop any further damage occurring.

    As regards whether you will get arthritis later, that depends exactly what has occurred inside the joint. Osteoarthritis usually starts from a loss of cartilage in a joint, though it doesn’t definitely mean you will get arthritis later on.

    You are welcome to ring us if you would like to have a chat about things, or have any further questions.


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    Hi Tyler

    I am a member of the forum. and I am sorry to hear about your "bin" episode and now you are suffering with your hand. I am not sure if A&E will see you as the injury occurred a good few weeks ago but you can try of course. You really should seek medical advice and take it from there. It would be a great shame if you do not have your hand looked at immediately especially if you love boxing and anyway, a painful hand is very debilitating.


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