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I work as a nurse on a busy inpatient ward. I have been caring for a patient who now has been confirmed to have swine flu.

I have spondylitis and psoriasis related enthesiopathy/probable psoriatic arthritis.

I have previously been on methotrexate, but came off this about 10 months ago due to nasty side effects, and mainly because I am now trying to conceive.

I currently take intermittent IM Methylpred injections (120mg). I have them about every 6-8 weeks (until the pain becomes unbearable and I have to give in and have the steroids). I last had a steroid injection 3 weeks ago.

I've had conflicting advice about what to about the exposure to swine flu. My patients who have come into contact with it have been given medications just in case (they are also immunocompromised).

Can you advise me? Should I go on anti swine flu medication as a preventative measure, or just hope I haven't picked it up and wait and see.

I'd rather not take any thing if I don't have to, as still trying to conceive.


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you. I am not a helpliner (just a forum member) but I think this is a question for your rheumatologist (I presume you see one?) I have PsA and take meth, sulph and humira, I have the annual 'flu jab but during the swine 'flu 'epidemic' I took extra precautions with hand-washing, frequent applications of anti-bacterial hand-gel and swiping anti-bac wipes over everything I came into contact with. (If I could have sprayed friends and families I would!) Please contact your your GP (at the very least) and I hope you receive some sensible advice. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Claire

    Thanks for your posting and apologies for the delay in replying.

    As regards having the swine flu injection, its best to speak to your rheumatologist/rheumatology nurse or doctor for advice regarding this.

    For general information on swine flu see

    You are welcome to ring us anytime you would like to have a chat, or need more information.

    All the best

    Helplines Team

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