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How many of us have a drawer in the kitchen,or elsewhere ,where we put things,these things are left hanging around and have no particular place so they go in the things drawer,well we had a clear out of ours ,oh kept saying I've been looking for that till in the end he had a good few things,now I said where are you going to keep them,he looked at me ,I looked at him and we put everything back in the drawer :!: Mig


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    :lol: Yes, I have one, we just call it "The Drawer." My OH often "tidies" it, he leaves everything on the kitchen table :roll: then I put it all back into "The Drawer" :lol:
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    :lol: Yup, sure do mig, try and clear it out every so often, but, I look at things and say might need this, might need that, oh that might come in handy some time, yes it all goes back in the 'drawer' :shock........................Marie xx
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    Mig we had a good clear out a few months I thought..what we had done is move things around to different now I have 4 rubbish ones... :? :lol:
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    We have a large rubbish draw called a cellar where Mr LV squirrels lots of useless things when I'm not looking and from which I remove things to the wheelie bin when he's not looking. Why do men love to keep cardboard boxes and other packaging?!
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    Sadly I no longer have one :shock:

    It's true because when I had the new kitchen in the summer I lost 2 drawers and several 'up' cupboards so we could have a breakfast bar.

    The worrying thing is l now have 'carrier bags' :shock:

    Just need an old pram now and some blue eyeshadow......


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    I had 1 rubbish drawer in the dining room. When I replaced the unit, I then had 4 drawers. I've managed to find rubbish to put in al 4. I tidy them up but, like some of you, it all goes back in again. :lol:
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    I think of mine as a useful drawer rather than a rubbish drawer....