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After getting my electric bill, I was dismayed at not getting the Warm Home discount payment, as I got it last year, on ringing up I found out that I should have received a letter of application last July, as I would then be able to get it now, the man said to make sure I apply this year for next winter,Did anyone else make this expensive mistake :x :x grrrr


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    I haven't heard of this...have I been missing something... :? its not fair that you didnt receive a letter...not your fault..
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    Hi to all, This is a payment for electric use, as not everyone has gas, it is paid by your energy company, and taken of your bill, I was entitled as I'm a disabled pensioner on D.L.A, and my partner has guaranteed pension credit, the payment would have been £130, you have to apply in July sometime, not every one can get it, but it's worth trying for, they can only say no ! :? good luck,
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    I wouldn't qualify for this but I think it's very unfair that you can't apply for it now. It wasn't your fault you didn't receive a form.
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    Ya booh Newbygran

    Shame you missed out due to someone's error, but thank you for mentioning it. It might help other folks on here.


    Toni xx
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    I'm sorry you missed out. It doesn't seem very fair.
    Last year I applied online and was granted the payment without any need to supply paperwork. This year I received an initial letter asking me if I needed to apply for this tax year 2012-2013. Later I had to supply various proof of income/ benefits and although I haven't yet received payment I have it in writing that I qualify.

    I must admit I had forgotten about it until I got that initial letter.

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    Hi just an up date, I checked all my paperwork and found a change in the guarenteed pension credit, :? aha I found it "guarenteed pension savings credit" :shock: obviously someone found my emergency fiver in my knicker draw bummer, :lol::lol: